How we work Aesthetic research and top quality level:
our productive intent

Planning Dreams become projects

From the design to the finished product each working phase is made inside the factory and managed with high artisan care and attention for details.

All starts from the design, where Fratelli Radice is able to customize its creation to satisfy customer’s desires, needs and dreams. Bespoke creations mean the possibility to propose an exclusive style: timeless and always updated classic  furniture, opposing the flattening and mass taste which are related to modern furnishing.

Wood Noblesse of a versatile material

There’s no raw material in the world that was more important in the daily human life.

The wood is solidity as well as lightness, quality as well as versatility. Above all is a up to one’s desires moldable essence . The origin, the quality, the drying and working methods are all essential steps which cannot be left to the case when you have to create luxury furniture. Fratelli Radice selects only the most prestigious essences, because the quality of each furniture is first of all in the quality of the materials it is made of.

Manufacture Tradition and technology, for the perfection

Artisan’s hands wisdom that every day, for years, carry out the same gestures combines to the use of the latest innovations  in technologic field.

This is Fratelli Radice’s recipe to create classic, contemporary and modern furniture, not only beautiful, but perfect in all details.
Intransigent and keen to precision, the factory masters check with care every single product in every single working phase till its complete realization.

Carving When the artisan talent becomes art

There are no machines which may give to wood shapes, touches and emotions like an handmade carving.

Carving artisan tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, and today, like about a century ago, is one of Fratelli Radice’s leading marks. Highly specialised personnel transform anonymous wooden pieces in suggestive and unique creations, in which it’s not possible to distinguish between artisan’s and artist’s job anymore.

Inlay Little gestures for suggestive decorations

The beauty of an inlay results from the precision in every little gesture. Small wooden sheets of different shapes, colours and shades, are assembled one by one to create exclusive and fascinating decorations and then applied to the furniture surface.
It’s the mosaic art magic, copying that of the nature, in which it is the sum of the least pieces it is composed by, that creates landscapes and atmospheres of a real beauty.

Finishings The final touch that makes the difference

The final step in the construction of a furniture and of any furnishing item, is fundamental to make a product solid, harmonious, precise, a very prestigious piece.
For this reason we every single furniture is decorated with water based varnishes, both in polishing and lacquering, to preserve the health and the environment and with the use of acrylic resins against humidity of bath-rooms and kitchens, valorizing it with silver and gold leaves and handpainting it.

Upholstery An union between aesthetic and confort

A furniture is needle and thread. Fratelli Radice chooses precious fabrics, prestigious leathers and first choice materials, selecting them from the most ancient and renowned weavings in Brianza, in the provinces of Como and Lecco, and consign them to the capacity and creativity of expert sartorial hands able to give value to chairs, armchairs, and sofa upholstery. Not only from an aesthetic point of view: also the choice of foam is made towards the most qualitative solution, with flame retardant certificate, to guarantuee the utmost confort and safety.

Quality control Caution and care, till the delivery

Fratelli Radice’s job don’t stop with the finishing of a furniture. Before delivery every single piece is carely screened, assembled and checked, to be verified with the high company’s quality standards. Extreme care and caution is given to the packaging as well, to ensure the maximum protection during the long worldwide journeys .